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Day 34

Rune of your choice.


Perth 'cus a friend of mine has it on a necklace

or Jera cus it means "year"(?) and i like the wheel of the year and the rune itself gives a feeling of balance


Day 33

Faerie of your choice.

oh geez. idk. Lotr Elves i guess. 'cause i'm not super-big on fae

but Galadriel tho'


94 of Fox's 95

94. Since angels learn exclusively by intuition, when we develop our powers of intuition we can expect to meet angels along the way.

would be nice to know why he says "angels learn exclusively by intuition" but there's probably validity to this thesis in general.
funnily enough i've been working on invoking archangels lately...


A pagan/witchy artwork.

The Magic Circle, John William Waterhouse, 1886


Shekhinah full moon rite (May moon)

in preparation: added more musk to my anointing oil for Shekhinah, for the oil is overpowered by the cinnamon. (it still is.) anointed myself with the oil: forehead, wrists, throat.
lit a blue candle for Shekhinah, a white and pink candle (engraved w/ hawthorn ogham ᚆ ) for hawthorn, and sandalwood incense for Shekhinah. (on my altar.) cast the circle and called the quarters. blessed the Trinity and invoked Shekhinah (as) the Pillar of fire. said something like "Shekhinah, this night You are singular, peerless, and unique. You enter the covenant of sacred marriage with Your people. You send manna and prophecy. You become the future."*
i burned a single hair of my head in the blue candle's flame. I sang my own chant to Shekhinah, and Holly Shere's Invocation. I meditated, centered, grounded. I prayed for peace and justice in the world and healing for our climate. I prayed for Shekhinah's guidance. i opened the shades to see the full moon, but it's too cloudy tonight. i thanked and dismissed the quarters, and thanked the Trinity. blew out the candles.

*http://telshemesh.org/shekhinah/the_saga_of_the_shekhinah_eighteen_stages.html ; see Lag B'Omer

Fox's 95: 89-93

89. The proper objects of the human heart are truth and justice (Aquinas) and all people have a right to these through healthy education and healthy government."
I'm reminded of the words of the Prophet Micah, who said that what God requires of us is 1. to do justly 2. to love mercy 3. to walk humbly with God.

"90. "God” is only one name for the Divine One and there are an infinite number of names for God and Godhead and still God “has no name and will never be given a name.” (Eckhart)"
Honestly I still have a notion of YHWH representing God's "proper" name but yes, God has many names and in a way is beyond naming.

"91. Three highways into the heart are silence and love and grief."
There's truth to that. Not particularly fond of the last one, but true.

"92. The grief in the human heart needs to be attended to by rituals and practices that, when practiced, will lessen anger and allow creativity to flow anew."
I like this.

"93. Two highways out of the heart are creativity and acts of justice and compassion."

Fox's 95: 84-88

84. The Dark Night of the Soul is a learning place of great depth. Stillness is required.
Hm. Wise. I need to learn/include stillness again in my life...tho' I don't feel like I'm currently going thru a Dark Night of the Soul.

85. Not only is there a Dark Night of the Soul but also a Dark Night of Society and a Dark Night of our Species.
Sounds true.

86. Chaos is a friend and a teacher and an integral part or prelude to new birth. Therefore it is not to be feared or compulsively controlled.

Ah, now I'm reminded of the days I was interested in Discordianism. :) Yes, there is definitely a role for chaos, "the uncarved block" as Hakim Bey said.

87. Authentic science can and must be one of humanity’s sources of wisdom for it is a source of sacred awe, of childlike wonder, and of truth.

:) Yes. (Not to be one of those people who uses a zillion smilies, but this *does* make me happy.) See Carl Sagan's _Contact_...and for that matter, that look on his face in _Cosmos_ (I think?) when a fluffy seed blows by him on the wind.

88. When science teaches that matter is “frozen light” (physicist David Bohm) it is freeing human thought from scapegoating flesh as something evil and instead reassuring us that all things are light. This same teaching is found in the Christian Gospels (Christ is the light in all things) and in Buddhist teaching (the Buddha nature is in all things). Therefore, flesh does not sin; it is our choices that are sometimes off center.
Ah yes. Back to that Original Blessing, Original Wisdom, Original Masterpiece, etc. I like this.

Fox's 95: 76-83

76. Consumerism is today’s version of gluttony and needs to be confronted by creating an economic system that works for all peoples and all earth’s creatures.
I agree (and, as it happens, the current Pope seems to agree as well.)

77. Seminaries as we know them, with their excessive emphasis on left-brain work, often kill and corrupt the mystical soul of the young instead of encouraging the mysticism and prophetic consciousness that is there. They should be replaced by wisdom schools.
I haven't been to seminary, but I would agree inasmuch as I agree that the left and right halves of the brain need to balance each other.

78. Inner work is required of us all. Therefore spiritual practices of meditation should be available to all and this helps in calming the reptilian brain. Silence or contemplation and learning to be still can and ought to be taught to all children and adults.
This is good. Problem is, I don't meditate (centering prayer) as often as I should.

79. Outer work needs to flow from our inner work just as action flows from non-action and true action from being.
This is good too.

80. A wise test of right action is this: What is the effect of this action on people seven generations from today?
Good food for thought, though it is not always easy to imagine/know what the future holds.

81. Another test of right action is this: Is what I am doing, is what we are doing, beautiful or not?
I like it, but I guess it depends on one's definition of beauty.

82. Eros, the passion for living, is a virtue that combats acedia or the lack of energy to begin new things and is also expressed as depression, cynicism or sloth (also known as “couchpotatoitis”).
Well, there are different seasons of life and a time to begin things, a time to continue things, and a time of end things. Energy, too, comes and goes in its time.

83. The Dark Night of the Soul descends on us all and the proper response is not addiction such as shopping, alcohol, drugs, TV, sex or religion but rather to be with the darkness and learn from it.
Religion as an addiction is something I guess I would have liked to see explained/unpacked more, but this is good. Last Lenten season I went thru the section of _Originally Blessed_ on the Via Negativa, but perhaps it would also/especially be appropriate for the Advent season, in the Northern Hemisphere anyways, where it's winter and getting darker.